A blog about love, hope, courage, strength, recovery, survival,
and one young mama's journey to find peace and healing after loss.
For my daughter, Primrose Jemima Florence
Your love lives on

"   I think of you with every waking moment of my life and dream of you with every dream that I have; I miss you.   "
Kong Moua
"   Our losses are our most painful gift. They are our most bittersweet blessing and I believe that when they are done burning through our very souls, they leave among the ashes little flames inside us. Flames that can ignite into fires that have the power to truly change the world.   "
Tova Gold
"   I felt in that moment something powerful. I felt that she’s not dead. If I can continue to love her in this world, this way she’s not dead, a part of her lives – because I love her.   "
Joanne Cacciatore
"   I learned quickly how to survive in the sea of grief … by not fighting so hard against the waves. I learned there was no fast forward button, that the only way out was to feel it…to walk through it…to let every ounce of struggle and pain bubble up so it could be mended. The pain was unbearable, and no walk in the park to feel. I wished I could numb it, escape from it. But, the only way to ever find my way to the surface again, was to feel it…all of it.   "
Kelly Gerken